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Making Healthy Meals a Snap for Seniors

Not all seniors have the time, energy or desire to spend a lot of time cooking. These delicious recipes provide all the needed nutrients without requiring a ton of time.

Balanced Breakfasts

Don’t let your loved ones skip the most important meal of the day! These balanced breakfast recipes are as fast as they are tasty.

Get the day started fast with a microwave-friendly banana split oatmeal. This is a versatile recipe that can make a sweet breakfast or a healthy dessert.

For people who like more savory breakfast foods, an eggy breakfast frittata makes a great choice! This recipe comes together surprisingly quickly and serves two people.

Hearty Lunch Salads

Salads are fast and filling! Get out some lettuce, veggies and leftover meat to make a tasty salad of your choice, or try one of these great recipes:

A Chinese chicken cabbage salad is nutritious, delicious and can make great use of precooked chicken. If Napa cabbage isn’t available, try subbing romaine lettuce instead!

A classic three bean salad makes a great side dish for family gatherings, but can also be made the night before for a hearty lunch!

A Greek salad makes a great side dish for any lunch plan, but it can also be a meal on its own with the addition of your meat of choice.

Want a sweet, fruity salad? This low-calorie, nutritionally dense poppyseed fruit salad is a great go-to!

Easy One Pot Dinners

Whether your family’s got an instant pot or a slow cooker, few things are easier than one-dish dinners. These delicious ideas provide maximum flavor with minimum effort!

There isn’t anything quite as filling as a beef stew! This one-pot recipe comes together most quickly in an instant pot, but can also be made in a slow cooker.

This one pot chicken teriyaki recipe can feed the entire family for a night or one person for a week! A pressure cooker will bring this dinner together the fastest.

This one pot vegetarian chili is here to spice up dinner for our senior vegetarians!

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