Consider These Low-Impact Exercises for Aging Joints | Executive Care of Freehold

If your aging loved one is looking for an active and independent lifestyle, getting daily exercise is especially important! However, many seniors have some joint pain or mobility limitations that can make regular exercise very difficult.

So, what can these individuals do? Let’s take a look at some low-impact exercises that are easy for people with limited mobility to work into their daily routine!

Simple Walking

Believe it or not, even walking is a form of exercise. This basic way of getting around has low impact on the joints and is great for the body and the heart.

Even if your loved one is out of shape or not up for walking around much, you can help him or her get into the habit of walking over a few weeks. Just getting up to walk for as little as 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference.

Exercise While Sitting

Walking isn’t the best option for everyone! Seniors who rely on a walker or wheelchair to get around may struggle with even a short daily walk.

Don’t be discouraged! There are some great chair exercises that can be done while seated.

Start with some upper body chair exercises to strengthen the arms and improve upper body range of motion. Warm up with some simple arm stretches and shoulder circles.

Next, use some light weights or canned foods to perform some basic strength exercises. Pull the elbows back, weights in hand, and squeeze the shoulder blades to perform a seated row. After a few reps, move on to some slow shoulder rolls—make sure to hold onto those weights!

Finish the chair workout with some abdominal twists to work the core and stretch the back.


Swimming on its own is a great full-body exercise that’s well-known for being low impact. Make that water workout more intense and more interesting by mixing in some swimming exercises, too!

Stretch and strengthen the legs by using a kickboard or the side of the pool for some quick kicks or slow leg swings.

Limited mobility in the legs or hips? Try standing on the floor of the pool or treading water and doing some arm exercises like arm circles, curls or chest flies. Use water weights for even more of a workout!

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